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Dr.jart+ Ceramidin Ectoin Infused Cream 50ml

Dr.jart+ Ceramidin Ectoin Infused Cream 50ml

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Expiration date: 5/2024

Fast-absorbing, velvety, ultra-rich moisturiser from Dr. Jart+ for DRY, FLAKY SKIN.

What makes it unique: The highly concentrated, fast-absorbing formula with 5 Ceramides and Ectoin® melts into skin for a triple action effect. Ceramides strengthen the skin’s barrier and deeply moisturise. Ectoin®, found in the harshest climates on earth, protects skin’s barrier and locks in moisture with an invisible, weightless shield.

What’s in it:

5 Ceramides strengthen the skin barrier and deeply moisturise.

Ectoin® protects the skin barrier and prevents moisture loss.

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